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Your Host Trade Center Extensively Utilizes The Zamfoo Reseller Management Software Suite!

Zamfoo Software Suite Is Here For Highest Efficiency With Lowest Cost Administration For Hosting & Reseller Hosted Accounts On Our Servers!

WHM cPanel Reseller, Master Reseller, Alpha Master Reseller & Super Alpha Or Root Reseller Hosting Accounts Are Now Available For Those Interested In The Rewards Of Running Your Own Hosting Business!

We are equipped and ready to help you out with professional presence re-sale solutions basically almost any way you want to buy them. If we don't have it, we can get it quickly enough too!

WHM Reseller, Master Reseller & Super Alpha Reseller Or Root Reseller Hosting Business Investment Sales Plans Are Now Available!

We are happy to sell you any level of WHM Reseller account your heart may desire. We will share that your real profits will be if you can be the one to sell the regular cPanel hosting accounts with of course the unlimited sales provision built in rather than worrying about how high up the reseller food chain you are placed at. While we do sell allot of Super Alpha or Root Resellers, We will emphasize your highest profit margins will be enjoyed with the mid level sized traditional cPanel when you learn to sell these effectively. Bigger Is Not Always Better!

A Well Utilized & Well Planned Hosting Reseller Account in our experience usually statistically earns more with most of our Reseller Hosting Clients than most of the Alpha, Super Alpha or Root Reseller Accounts we have on the books. 

We recommend to definitely start with something you can manage rather than going for the biggest just because it is the biggest!

Many are finding our hosting product to be one of the few actual items you can sell where you can actually retain your earnings versus giving these to the item's producer!

We Are Here & Ready To Help You Create Your Own Customized Personal House Brand Of Web Site Hosting!

If You Like Our Own Brand & You Like What You See, Find Out How We Can Help You Develop Your Very Own Brand Of Hosting That You May Sell As Your Own With Support From Us To Assist You In Taking Care Of Your New Customers With Their New Spending Dollars!

Many Pay A Fortune To Buy The Brands They Know !

How Much Will You Pay For The Brands You Know & Trust?

Many will obviously pay quite a bit so we decided to start our own brand and the rest is history. Our dependable fast connections with top quality service have made us very popular with IT professionals and web site builders around the World! We are offering many of our same tools for you to use as a reseller in our reseller program with the main difference being that you are the one to support and manage your own customers rather than us.

Your Host Trade Center Is Quickly Becoming A Most Popular & Well Respected Name In The IT World!

Create Your Own Brand, Create An Unlimited Number Of Plans, Watch Profits Soar With A Little Creativity On Your Own Part!

Consider Us Your Silent Partner To Help You Create Your Very Own Hosting Brand Name!

We are providing many tools you will need as almost a roadmap to these new hosting profits!

Our High Speed cPanel Plans Are So Easy To Use & To Sell, Watch Your Profits Soar When You Begin To Sell Them Under Your Very Onw Brand!

We have done extensive research into the Hosting Reselling Business Opportunity Area. We Strongly Feel Our Reseller Program Offers You The Opportunity To Make Real Profits and Handsome Returns On Your Investment that You Will Really Be Able To Sink Your Teeth Into!

Our Hosting Reseller Plans Offer Real Tasty Profits You Can Sink Your Teeth Into Rather Than Having To Ask Yourself, Where's The Beef?

We are here to Host Your Site & We Are Here To Even Help You Make Money Too, Re-sell Host Trade Cntr. Hosting & Enjoy Tremendous Profits starting with the ability to sell Unlimited cPanel Hosting Accounts at Rock Bottom Pricing Levels to allow you to make a very generous income in working with us to develop your very hosting company brand name!

Sell Unlimited cPanel Hosting & Make A Great Income While Helping Everyone Lock-In A Great Deal On Professional Web Site Hosting!

We look forward to introducing your new brand name you into our Family of Hosting Resellers who are able to enjoy a profitable Hosting Product & Build their own custom brand while establishing their own business reputation for excellence in support of their clients!

We are Proud To Offer some of the finest hosting Service Available on the Planet Earth & We are happy to make it available to you at an exceptional price value for re-sale purposes!

Welcome To Our Resellers Program!

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Hosting Reseller Plans

You Can Make Money In Hosting Without Having To Buy Expensive Hardware Or Data Management Facilities! 

Host Trade Resller Hosting Is Said To Be Like Receiving Boxes Of Cash By Many Who Utilize Our Reseller Hosting Services!

Congratulations, you have just found one of the coolest offers going on the Internet! We are actively seeking people who enjoy working with Internet & Web Site Hosting Technology who are 

  1. Looking for a way where you can be paid for your ideas, concepts or creative talents rather than breaking your back or putting up with some annoying boss over your shoulder or someone saying we need more from you to keep your job or you need to be doing this faster!

  2. Looking for a well paying and rewarding job where you can be your own boss, set your own hours and adjust your schedule as you like or your own personal needs might call for ?

  3. Looking for a high profit margin product you can sell for yourself and brand as your own product, establish your own brand identity and maintain full control of your own gross sales, profit levels and even create your own sales staff under your own total control to multiply your earnings several times over if you like!

  4. Looking to become a part of a fast growing program well supported and dependable Internet Technology program where you can truly be the captain of your own ship, work for yourself rather than being exploited by someone else and take control of your own earnings rather than being at someone else's whim if they have a bad day, had a fight with their spouse etc and then they take out their bad mood on your personal paycheck and livelihood, Ever been in this position before? It's not a fun one as many of us here can certainly share!

Now we are coming down to 2 Very Important Questions and depending upon these answers or what you may do to improve these answers will indicate your likelihood for success in the IT hosting web hosting sales field.

  1. How Much Do You Want To Make Today & How Far Are You Willing To Go To Insure The Success Of Your New Financial High Profit Enterprise?

  2. How good of a sales person are you and if you are not so strong in this area, Are you willing to seriously commit yourself personally to sharpen these skills and learn more about the Internet Hosting Technology World ?

If you are OK with these two questions, You should have no problem at all achieving serous success with the Host Trade Center Hosting Reseller Program!

Have I Got A Real Deal For You, Step Right This Way!

 The Host Trade Center Reseller Program follows a proven, simple business model that you can establish for only pennies per account per month if you plant it right! Your reseller profit will be the difference between our bulk low cost reseller wholesale prices and the end user or retail prices, which you set for each product and you as the Hosting Reseller Make The Sale To The Hosting Buyer Or Consumer For! Many Hosting Reseller Plans Set A Predetermined Minimum Price which is often really at or in some cases above actual market value for a given package leaving you in effect no real profit after your sale where you are just working as an agent for the Hosting Company and they make the real profits. This type of pricing structure is often utilized my Multi Level Marketing (MLM) companies who give you the illusion of self employment.

When you purchase a Reseller Plan through the Host Trade Center. We give you really low competitive bulk wholesale pricing where you can sell at a great price to the consumer and you can make a very nice profit!

Wow Someone Is Finally Sharing How You Can Earn The Big Bucks With Web Site Hosting Sales!

There are Three Main Factors to consider when looking at the sale of any product or service.

  1. Product Or Service Production Actual Wholesale Purchase Or Acquisition Price.

  2. Profit Margin

  3. Realistic, Projected (Or Likely) Sales Volumes!

As with the banner above, Clearly milk is most essential to so many and happens to be the absolute number one food item requiring absolutely no sales skills or selling required. Refrigerate and they will come and find it and even search your entire store for it with absolutely no selling on your part. The reality is you will generate huge utility bills and actually earn a very low return on this essential short shelf-life product basically making money for the product producer rather than yourself. 

The generic digital watch as seen in the banner (with our brand on it) will offer a tremendous markup potential for the retailer. Generic, private or house label branded merchandise is available in high quantities if you wish to custom brand it for your own sales potential often at little extra cost if you commit to high quantities. We are able to often get custom branding prototypes in trade on bulk hosting or advertising deals since we do have fairly diverse media resources available. Oh if you just want to buy the watch with our own Name on it, Boy have we got a deal for You! The Watch Inventory Investment Will Offer A Significantly Longer Shelf Life With the only time threat of spoilage being the life of the battery which is usually quite a long duration. Unfortunately they probably will not race in with a pattern of regularity to buy watches like they will milk which brings us to the equation of the Time Value Money. (The Amount Of Actual Time Your Money Is Tied Up In An Investment To The Point Of Liquidity)

If you watch any retail store, you will see that watches like this do not fly out of the display case at record sales levels and to encourage a retailer to carry these in stock. They will often have a nice markup potential. Now much of this profit margin will diminish if the watch has a major brand name on it because it will often sell faster due to marketing, reputation, name recognition, etc. This is part of the secret here, A generic no name offers the highest Return on Investment. Create a catchy or attractive brand and watch your own sales soar! Own the brand and all the markup is yours instead of paying for another name brand!

Our Reseller Hosting Plans are priced for you to make a true profit for your hard work and priced for you to be able to move them fairly easily and offer highly competitive or in many cases even rock bottom pricing to your customers while still retaining a reasonable to even generous profit margin depending upon what actual price you sell your own hosting product for.

We Offer You Two Different Avenues To Sell Or Earn Money With Website Hosting

You Can Create Your Very Own Brand & Totally Enjoy The Satisfaction Of Your Complete Wholly Owned & Branded  Identity at very low cost as a hosting reseller for us!

This will require more work, but the rewards are huge in the long run.

For the less creative inclined or maybe you just don't have the extra time or want to put the energy into the research and development of your own name! 

We have an affiliate reseller commission program where you can send us traffic off of a site, you may have and earn signup commissions from customers who utilize our hosting or hosting reseller services.

You are going to spend your time and probably many of your own labor hours developing your own brand and we set out to offer you a program that will reward you for your hard work and will allow you to keep your own money and develop your own brand! 

Each of our resellers can take advantage of all the benefits the Host Trade Cntr. Reseller Program has to offer

Our most affordable Reseller Hosting Packages allow you to sell Reseller Hosting services without having to actually own them since we provide all of your e-infrastructure required to run your new business online. This is a key difference between our Program and most of the Reseller Hosting Programs is you can set up your own reseller hosting for almost nothing and start selling your own personal business branded hosting programs available online with your own high visibility site immediately hosted on our servers for you. 

Most Reseller Server accounts require you to make a substantial investment to set up and to own or lease an expensive hosting service server before you can start selling their services. Our program allows, again almost instant activation and off you go to start signing up your new hosting clients or you can even purchase packages that will allow your clients to go out and sell their clients under them, placing them in business too with you making money on all parties involved underneath you! It's your business and you can run it how you like. We make it easy with a great set of tools at your disposal to make things smooth and easy!

Our Reseller's Server Accounts Offer you Web Host Manager which is a Resellers administration interface which allows you to control and monitor your client's and possibly their sub clients accounts if we were to set you up for this from an easy to use oint-and-click gui web interface. This featured packed interface allows you to easily administrate your clients and even their clients with a couple clicks of the mouse. You can Create, Suspend Or Even Terminate Accounts on your own if you need to with no direct oversight or help from us. You will also be able to Setup Domains and maintain full oversight of your customers complete hosting activities and several easy to use Web Traffic Interfaces are built into your cPanel control panels to allow you a clear and concise picture of just what you server is doing and who is or is not utilizing your server's resources!

Our Web Host Manager allows you to keep track of your hosting customers with a searchable domain list and the ability to create specific hosting plans or packages for domain owners or other reseller that you may create depending upon your package that you purchase. Every package offers easy integration into many billing solutions, the cPanel Server Suite provides flexibility for any type of hosting. cPanel can be customized to meet the needs of your hosting environment. From addon modules and scripts to API integration, the ability to customize your hosting services is totally at your fingertips and we bring this to you all at unheard of pricing levels with one of the highest reliability levels in the industry.

The Host Trade Center of course has very Popular Hosting Reseller Plans Ready To Go For You & Priced Right From Only $13.50 Per Month!

You will be amazed at just how easy, inexpensive and profitable it is to start your very own web hosting company! We provide you with all of the tools and support needed to have your business up and running in only a few minutes time. 

All of our reseller hosting plans will allow you to create unlimited web site users under your own brand name, with your own prices, packages and features. Our packages allow for both single site reseller or multi unlimited domain hosting accounts. We even have reseller accounts that will allow you to sell your own brand of reseller hosting so that you may set up other sellers under you either selling their brand or your own brand of hosting. It's your ship and you are the captain for very little cost to you!

With your reseller account, you can create your own independent packages and pricing. Being a reseller is also completely anonymous and your customers won't even know that you are reselling our web hosting (unless you tell them). Our control panel features tons of add-ons and scripts that can be installed instantly by your client. Any of our Hosting Reseller plans allow you to keep 100% of the money you make!

Our Reseller Program can be managed via our easy-to-use Reseller Control Panel, which will allow you to quickly create accounts for your customers, assign rights and responsibilities to those below you, create an unlimited number of custom featured packages ready to brand for your own sales applications. You are in full control and you you can customize or modify the hosting product pricing, review traffic and sales statistics, boost your reseller anonymity plus many more fully customizable provisions all included under our value packed Reseller Hosting Packages!

As a Host Trade Cntr. Reseller, You Will Keep 100% Of The Money You Collect, Make As Little Or As Much As You Like!

  • Unlimited Domains, Subdomains, Email Accounts, MySQL Databases, FTP Accounts
  • - Easy to Use and Flexible Control Panel (cPanel | WHM)
  • - 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • - No Contract with Your Own Customizable cPanel, Zamfoo Reseller Package Management & Account Controls To Instantly Go Out And Start Making Profits & Even Create Sellers Below You To Do The Same For You!
  • - Private Name Servers Available based on your own Domain Available with IP Address Rental. We normally issue very generic nameservers that look like it could be almost anyone so this is not a problem anyway even with our nameservers. We recommend this practice for our resellers who want to set up other host below them because your own customers will certainly appreciate this as well.

Free WHMCS or WHM Client Management Administration Software.

  • UNLIMITED Domains
  • UNLIMITED Sub Domains
  • UNLIMITED Email Accounts
  • UNLIMITED MySQL Databases
  • UNLIMITED cPanels
  • UNLIMITED FTP Accounts
  • FREE Site Builder Software
  • PRIVATE Name Servers
  • FREE Billing Systems
  • FREE Domain Reseller Account
  • Multi Languages Available

Start Your Own Web Hosting Company & We Can Take Care Of The Majority Of The Cost & Headaches For You!

  • Latest WHM Reseller Control Panel with Multi-language support Availability On Request.
  • - Monitor Your Own Server Status
  • - Limit packages you create for clients, specify disk space, bandwidth, email, databases, and other features.
  • - Complete Control: Password Modification, Account Creation / Termination and depending upon package selected, Even Full DNS Control, IP Number leasing and creation for various Private Client Nameservers should the need arise if you are really interested in this capability! 
  • - Custom Brandable Reseller Client Panel with your own Company Logo Available!
  • Latest cPanel Control Panel
  • - Website Statistics: AWStats, Webalizer, Raw Log Manager, Referrer and Error Logs
  • - Fantastico: Instant Shopping Carts, Blogs, Portals, Forums, Counters, Formmail
  • - Password Protected Directories and Custom Error Pages
  • - Web Based File Manager, Hotlink Protection, IP Deny Manager, Redirect URL
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases with phpMyAdmin Access
  • - Programming Languages: CGI, Fast CGI, PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, SSI
  • - Programming Modules: Curl, CPAN, GD Library, Image Magick
  • - System Management: SSH Access and Cron Job Scheduling
  • - FrontPage Extensions
  • - Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts with SMTP
  • - WebMail Access: Choose from Horde, SquirrelMail, or RoundCube
  • - Prevent spam with SpamAssassin
  • - Unlimited Autoresponders, Mail, Forwards, Email Aliases, Mailing Lists
  • - 24/7/365 Premium Support via Phone & E-Mail
  • - Automatic Weekly Off-Site Data Backups
  • - 24/7/365 Server Monitoring

Popular Frequent Questions on Reseller Hosting

    Question - Do I have to sign a binding locked-in contract to become a reseller?
  • No contract is required on our base resellers program, this is a monthly commitment that may be cancelled at anytime. Contracts may really only come into use where we activate a dedicated, co-located or some permanently installed server or dedicated connection on your behalf. If you don't know know what this is yet, Then it certainly won't be a problem for you!

    Question - What is the difference between a Shared Hosting Account and a Reseller account?

  • A shared hosting account provides a single domain to host one website or possibly with addon domains depending on how the plan is purchased to ONE User with the ONE user responsible for the account even if they may have other domains not owned by them on their account. Many Of Our Hosting Accounts Allow You To Host Multiple Domains As Well On A Shared Personal Hosting Account allowing maybe a small business person to host everything they own or might need at ONE REALLY LOW PRICE! . 
  • A Reseller Account Allows which basically is like us setting up a business for you to go out and sell hosting allows You To Create Shared accounts just like we would normally sell you as a personal hosting account where you establish the package type and size for your friends, family, or clients. You can sell them for as much as you like or give them away as far as we are concerned as you have just setup your own business and you may run it as you see fit! 
  • As A Master Reseller You Can Create Hosting Account that allow your own clients you sell to sell cpanel Hosting under themselves through you too, As an Alpha Reseller, Your Customers Can Sell Master Accounts and so on it goes! 
  • The Shared Hosting Account Places All Domains On The Account Under The Direct Single User Account and Control Provisions.
    Question - As a Reseller, Will you provide support to my clients if I don't know the answer?
  • Yes, If needed - Whatever questions you cannot answer for your clients directly, you can ask our support staff, then just copy and paste the response and email to your client!
    Question - How are you able to sell your cPanel WHM reseller hosting at such ridiculously low prices or in most cases much lower than almost anyone else and still make a profit?


  • We maintain really huge reseller account volume levels and we have made the infrastructure investment in what amounts to massive storage and bandwidth capabilities both domestically and internationally that our actual cost on providing hosting are much lower than many of our competitors due to our extreme account volume levels and of course our partnership alliance and data management agreements we have in place as well. As indicated, if it has to do with hosting, we are probably doing it and consequently our data management cost are often at rock bottom levels. We cold say in slag terms that we probably have hosting capabilities about growing out of ears as we are so involved in so many hosting and reseller programs of our own in almost every IT developed Nation within the Entire World. Yes we work with International currencies and payment solutions for our International partners too!
    Question - What Type Of Sites Do You Host On Your Servers?
  • We host just about any personal or business site. The following sites are excluded from this offer: irc sites, hate, warez, illegal content, software trading, download libraries, p2p, chat room programs, or spam related products or rMLM/Spam are expressively forbidden and sites containing banned materials are subject to immediate termination without refund. Very Lite Soft LEGAL (Inquire with Ideas as this must be approved before setup) Adult sites in some approved cases may allowed. on our standard hosting and we can place you with affiliates better suited to more controversial content matter. A disclaimer and legal age page must be on your site and only sites with LEGAL content are allowed. Any account which shows to create problems of these types on our servers may be terminated without warning.
    Question - How Long Is The Monthly Purchase Rate I Purchase Hosting From You Good For and How Do I Know There Are Not Just Teaser Intro Rates Where You Jack Up The Price Later?
  • This Reseller Signup Commitment Price Is Valid For The Entire Lifetime Of Your Account. The Price We Quote You When You Signup Will Never, Ever Increase For The Life Of Your Account On Our Servers! The Only exception to this might be if we negotiated a package for you with an outside host and they were to raise their prices. This obviously is beyond our control. We are more than happy to advise you on our predicted probability of this as well as we would advise you upon or before signing up for any outsourced agreement such as this. Again your best interests are with us as our valued Client!

Many will say I don't want reseller hosting or a VPS but rather I want my own Dedicated Personal Web Or File Storage Server and I don't want to be on another machine with anyone else either. This is fine as we now offer your own Dedicated Webmin or Virtualmin Linux Server starting from Only $29.50 Per Month! This is one of the Lowest Prices Found In The United States and it gives you your very own Dedicated Linux Server online to control your own way.

Any package or Hosting Package You Choose Through The Host Trade Cntr is a great value. Have questions or if you are ready to go ahead and take the step toward your dependable and affordable Web Site Hosting Package, Contact Us Now Through Our Business Office HERE

To Purchase Hosting Reseller Package Or Dedicated virtual Or Even A Physical Dedicated Server, You Must Agree With Our Hosting Plans Terms Of Service & Your Customers Must Adhere To These Terms as well.

Buy, Sell & Trade Complete Web Site Or Server Hosting Packages !

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