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Looking For A High Return Investment With Overall Modest Developmental Cost? You Have Looked At Gold And Diamonds, Now I Seriously Urge You To Take A Close Look At Site Hosting, Online Connectivity and Content Delivery Solutions!

Precious gems and metals have traditionally been the investment of choice for centuries.

Site Hosting offers a phenomenal Return On Investment percentage potential compared to most any investments today placing it at a similar investment grade potential today.

While Hosting may be technically a man-made product and require resources for both its presence and ongoing survival. 

One of the primary benefits to the Hosting investor compared to Diamonds, Gold Bullion or other Commodities is the ongoing dividend to the investor compared to a single payout at liquidity as compared to the former mentioned.

Welcome To The Last Unspoiled Profit Mine!

So How Will You Introduce Them To Your Site Hosting Brand? 

Restaurant Chains will often spend millions to introduce the public to a new food. Sometimes giving them a sample taste of what you can do for them can go not only to their hearts, but also straight to their wallet!

Care For Some Free Chicken? Bkk, Bkk Bkkk,,,,,,  If Restaurants can offer free food samples to build business, Why not offer some tasty FREE cPanel Hosting for them to use as well. This can really help spread your name and goodwill about your company. Many FREE accounts are easily sold and converted often to paid accounts of some type with great success, A great business builder.

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Serve Up Some Tasty cPanel Hosting or whatever variety you may have. If it works well, they will most likely be back soon to buy more!

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Even giving FREE Hosting can often be much more effective than paying cash for advertising in building your business! We find that when you give a little. It often comes back many times over.

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Host Sellers Headquarters

Which Way Do You Invest, Gold Diamonds Or Online Hosting?

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Welcome Hosting Seller. This is the place where can talk shop and bounce ideas and maybe even strike up a neat collaborative effort to help both you and I build our hosting businesses up to even higher levels. We absolutely love to talk hosting and we imagine that shows in our site. This is the section were we intend to just look at ideas and bounce concepts to see what may come of it all.

Choose Your Occupational Tools, A Pick Axe works well for some of the above occupations shown in the banner. A Mouse Works Better For One Occupation Shown, Which Do You Choose?

Use A Mouse In A Cool Comfortable Setting Or Swing A Pick Axe All Day & Noght?

Of course our own Hosting offers award winning service and is highly praised by our clientele on our own servers. We are not here to award our own service. This section of our site is about our own pursuit of some of the best hosting and online presence solutions around on the face of the Earth at all price points. Not only are we here to of course sell our own hosting. We intend to recognize and even award and trade hosting accounts to many other hosting companies that we encounter who may be in a position to work with us when needed. If you like hosting and if you like to make deals, You will LOVE the Host Trade Cntr. business concept!

No one company can do everything as we are well aware of. We take the responsible and mature outlook that we can offer a great deal for many people in many cases and other times another host may be better suited to help a customer in a particular situation than what we may immediately have on hand. 

We have built our business on a reciprocal nature where we throw a bone on one day. We tend to find that we make a friend and we will probably get a bigger and better bone on another day. Just another of many tools that have helped our overall business model grow into what we feel is a quite impressive array of services available to our customers when needed and if we don't have it, We can probably find it really fast!

The Internet is one of the last unspoiled frontiers in modern civilization today. This is one of the few investments areas on the planet still left where investors often realize double digit and sometimes even triple digit returns on your investment. Something which seems to have almost vanished in what seems like the over saturated economy of today. Speaking of over saturated. At first glance one might easily come to the conclusion that the web site hosting industry is definitely over saturated. This is an easy early conclusion to arrive at when one comes to realize that there seem to be almost as many people selling hosting in one shape or another as there are users on the Internet!

One of our Network Engineers made the off-hand joke that we would all be selling each other cheeseburgers and sneakers in the future economy. Many would not disagree but he forget to update this to Cheeseburgers, Sneakers, Cell Phones & Web Site Hosting. This seems to be what we are doing today as a society and how often is it you go into any traditional retail environment and you don't see a cell phone display? One day we will probably see Site Hosting being sold at retail like this as well!

 Welcome to the Host Trade Cntr. Hosting Sellers Headquarters. We are not afraid of competition, in fact we are wise enough to realize that we often benefit by it. There are many great hosting providers out there and while of course we attempt to build up our own servers into the most fail safe configurations. We also realize that things will happen beyond our own control on the Internet and in the event of a critical down event. It sure is nice to have friends.

We Buy, Sell and Trade Hosting or Hosting Space, Facilities and Traffic almost any way you can imagine it. If it has to do with hosting, We probably do it, buy it or sell it!

Within our site you may notice that we make frequent references and comparisons of hosting to traditional investments of almost any type you can imagine. This is no accident and we will elaborate on this within this section of our site.

As mentioned and seen above, We see the Internet as the last undeveloped and unspoiled frontier and as early American history has taught us. Early settlers were quick to mine the lands especially California for her rich natural resources namely Gold were the ones to quickly prosper and still hold significantly higher percentages of traditional wealth today. As a Nation, we also search the globe for Diamonds and everyone knows about the now well publicized infamous conflict diamond issues and great travel adversities or overall most difficult hardships endured in attempting obtain, cut and polish these precious stones.

While many attempt a meager Return On Investment (R.O.I.) in the World of Hosting. A few number actually enjoy earnings percentages that will easily meet and often exceed the percentages and risk associated with both Gold & even Diamond Investments.

Diamonds - Diamond values are highly tied to the color, clarity, cut and carat of the stone and these factors can greatly enhance or easily detract from the overall marketability of the cut and polished gem. Diamonds are most expensive to mine and obviously a great distance from much of the World creating extremely high overall cost to import and bring to market let alone social and society issues with conflict diamonds. 

Gold - Gold is a very universal investment and the value is fairly well established and dictated by weight, at any time gold jewelry may be smelted and cast to gold bullion making it a timeless investment as with Diamonds and other precious rare gems. Of course the smelting process will eradicate any undesired mixed metals adversly affecting the finished weight thus reducing the real value from the perceived value of gold jewelry. 

Online Site Hosting - While hosting will not have the obvious timeless value of the upper two and will remain dependant on utilities and the human service element for its survival and to remain in existence. Connectivity, reliability, stability of the production region and support of the product will persevere just as with Diamonds and Precious Metals will greatly enhance the street price of the end product as these prices are not established, regulated or set in stone so to speak as with traditional commodities. Hosting prices are overall very market driven and the few flagship products may almost name their price as they develop the reputation in their respective markets.

Hosting Facility & V.A.R.s Both Domestic And Foreign To The United States Are Welcome! - We work with both Physical Hosting Facility Operators & Value Added Resellers including domestic and foreign servers. If You Are Trying To Sell Hosting and get some cash flow going, We may be able to help! Foreign providers please feel free to contact us as we really love to trade with other Nation's infrastructure to have space available to us around the Globe for various ventures and we can often help you develop domestic U.S. Accounts as well turning those unused server resources into U.S. Dollars, Of course we regularly do this for U.S. providers as well!

All Types Of Servers Are Welcome - cPanel, Kloxo, Plesk, Basic Linux Boxes, Webmin, Cobalt RAQ or really almost anything operational that you can keep connected and running dependably through a high speed connection to the Internet. If you operate it, We probably either also do or buy it and sell it at some time or another. We have clients asking for almost anything imaginable so if you are running something a little more unusual, We might already have people asking for it!

Trying To Develop Accounts On A New Or Under Utilized Server ? - We will sometimes buy blocks or chunks of unused drive space on major under utilized servers with low C.P.U. resource usage and and an abundance of memory available. We don't pay retail of course, but we do offer a way to have some activity which can often help jump-start a slow starting or lagging sales hosting operation as times are tough in this economy.

Do You Have Hosting Resources & Space To Burn, But No Customers Using Them? - We Are Always Looking For Reliable Places To Place Customers and Options For Various Deals. If You Operate A Site Hosting Facility Or Even If You Are A Value Added Reseller with Space and Resources To Burn. 

We Just Might Be Able To Help Out! We keep probably hundreds of outside hosting account banks on the books at any given time as our emergency bailout options for customers in crisis needs and just for overall evaluation to see where we might want to refer customers to and overall competitive market placement needs. With these accounts, we will often test, ping time and evaluate reliability and overall capabilities of these accounts.  

When the needs arise and we are looking to place clients for one reason or another. It can be real nice to get the call about "hey we need a temporary home for 2500 accounts for say 90 days with a wholesale bulk check cut to you" or a scenario like this one. What kind of deal can you cut us? We often find ourselves in this situation often by failed infrastructure of another provider where we inherit clients. Of course those in our files whom we have a business relationship with and are in good standing will be the ones to get those calls from us when these needs arise.

Hosting May Be Sweet For Many But Unfortunately Not Everyone Will Come Out Smelling Like Roses!

Getting Out Of Site Hosting Business Or Facing Tough Choices? - As we know all to well, hosting providers will come and hosting providers will go. Roses are a wonderful investment business, but clearly not everyone can grow them and make them profitable in many instances as with hosting. It takes a special breed of person we find to succeed. When you do this, the financial rewards are quite lucrative!

If for some reason you have found yourself in the position where Hosting just did not smell like Roses, It's just not performing how you want it or even if you are looking at a possible exit plan and you are in the end of your business cycle. 

We buy established online hosting accounts, resell hosting accounts and purchase or even trade accounts receivables. Regardless if you have 5 accounts or 5 thousand or more. We realize these accounts are people just like you and I, we also realize they are going to need somewhere to have their site hosted at and needless to say we have many options.

Often Times Many Find Out About A Failed Host By Their Site Not Working. - You don't have to do this to your customers and we can help make this both less painful for you and put cash in your pocket as you migrate away from the hosting business if this is your wish.

Turn Hosting Accounts Receivables Into Cash!

Again we buy sell and trade and we have many solutions available that many hosting companies may take advantage of. If you might be in this stage of the game where you are making the painful decision to exit. We may be a big help in softening your migration from the industry.

For everyone here with us on their way to a rewarding and profitable entrepreneurial enterprise. We welcome you to the Host Trade Center. Please feel free to contact us to introduce yourself and let's make a deal to help both of us out!

Thanks For Visiting Your